A Japanese beauty married a pet dog, and said that dogs are more reliable than men! Netizen: Let go of the dog and let me come!

The world is so big. I believe that many people have heard about the strange thing about a girl marrying a male dog in India, but this does not mean that such a thing can only happen in India. There is also a beautiful woman in Japan who was abandoned by her ex-boyfriend. Suffering emotional damage, he became in love with his dog for a long time, and finally got married.

It is understood that the woman’s name is Mura Xia. She is 25 years old this year. She has a beautiful face and a charming figure. It is certainly not a problem to find a good person, but she is not doing what we thought. At the age of 20, her first love boyfriend betrayed her and finally broke up.

Feelings were bruised, and only the dog that had been raised for more than a year stayed by her side. The so-called long-term love, Muraka realized that she fell in love with this dog, and felt that the dog would not look like it. Like her boyfriend betrayed herself, he announced on the Internet that he was going to marry a dog, and also published a video of his love with his dog, hoping to get blessings from others.

Her relatives and friends couldn’t accept it, and they stayed away from Cun Xia, but Cun Xia didn’t care about their thoughts and still stayed with the dog every day.

This story tells us that dogs are not only our pets, they can also become our love rivals.

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