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Parent’s Pinterest-Perfect Photoshoots Ruined by Their Babies

Babies are usually cute and adorable. But they’re also full of pee and poo, and even the cutest babies aren’t afraid to make you aware of this fact at the most inopportune times. Just got to the studio, with no change of clothes, to take some cute baby pictures? Sounds like the perfect time for some explosive diarrhea to ruin all of your expectations for perfect Pinterest-worthy newborn photos!

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Daughter Celebrates Her 8th Birthday by Having a Mermaid Photoshoot With Her Dad

Couple of weeks ago this dad celebrated his daughter’s 8th birthday by having a mermaid photoshoot with her. In pink costumes. Splashing their fins in a picturesque river. If this isn’t parenting goals, we don’t know what is. Desirae Deal, the photographer who captured the adorable duo, did an awesome job of portraying the wonderful time they had together. Their smiles and laidback body language really show how much fun the dad and daughter had throughout their little swim. After she shared the pics on her Facebook page, they quickly went viral.

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Magic cat

You might think that there is enough cat content already on this site, but you would be wrong. You see, cat content is the exact reason why Mr. Al Gore invented the internet back in the 1980s. So scroll down and enjoy!

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