Funny Animal Posts That Will Leave You With The Biggest Smile

What’s funnier than a hedgehog enjoying a car ride? Or a bear climbing onto a bird feeder? A wild boar making a nudist bather chase it all around the beach by stealing their laptop, of course.

Animals never cease to find new ways to make us laugh. Luckily, we regularly capture them and share the footage on the Internet for everyone to see.

However, finding them online can be a hassle. So to save you some time, Bored Panda has put together a list of some of the funniest animal photos online, and they’re all waiting for you below! Enjoy.


Every Year This Mama Duck Brings Her Babies To My House And I Help Her Take Care Of Them. This Morning I Opened My Door To 13 New Peeping Fluff Balls


A Beautiful Hummingbird’s Nest With A Leaf Roof


This Little Dude And I Have Had Breakfast/Lunch Together Everyday For The Last 4 Weeks, Always Bring Him Something To Eat And He Just Sits Next To Me For My Entire Break At Work


Quokkas Are The Face Of Happiness




Winter, When The Leaves Have Fallen And The Trees Are Bear


Big Derp. Huge


Here’s My Favorite Picture Of Me With A Snuggly Capybara


The Look On That Seal’s Face


Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate This Lovely Cow


Norwegian Police


The Reason Water Wasn’t Coming Out


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