Japanese Shop Launches ‘Smile Masks’

As the world is getting used to life in times of the pandemic, we now know that face masks will continue to be a vital part of our daily lives. But having your mouth covered at all times means that your smile is also invisible, and that may ruin the whole friendly vibe we all need these days.

But Japanese discount store Takeya has come up with a creative solution. They just launched a “Smile Campaign” that aims to make their employees look more approachable and friendly. As a result, every staff member of the store is now wearing a mask with a printed human smile on it.

The store announced their initiative on Twitter, saying that: “Since the pandemic has normalized wearing masks, we’re launching a ‘Smile campaign’ to show how we would still like to bring you our smiles through a mask.” The result is both fun and kinda odd-looking, but hey, there can’t be too many smiles in this world! Even if it’s just a printed one.

More info: Twitter | Takeya.co.jp


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