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Horse Gets Tailored Three-Piece Suit, Looks Absolutely Dashing

We’ve seen some well-dressed cats and dogs, but have you ever seen a horse in a tailored suit? “A horse in a suit” may sound like a beginning of a silly anecdote, but now it’s a reality. Ahead of Cheltenham Festival, veteran race horse Morestead wore a three-piece tweed suit complete with shirt, tie and flat cap, designed by former Alexander McQueen apprentice and celebrity stylist Emma Sandham-King. It required over 18m (59ft) of tweed – about 10 times more than an equivalent human garment. Looks dashing, doesn’t he?

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Students Are Sharing Pics Of Teachers Leaning Over And Sitting In The Weirdest Positions In Class 

Teachers are unsung heroes: they spend all day filling students’ minds with knowledge and all night grading papers. But there’s something else that teachers tend to do—they lean against desks in very bizarre and seemingly (un)comfortable ways.

Well, Twitter user Karla_villegas wanted to share this interesting feature with the world, so she posted a photo of her old geometry teacher leaning on a desk with his legs in a peculiar position. Twitter loved the photo, Karla’s thread went viral, and other people started sharing pics of their own teachers leaning.

Scroll down, upvote your fave leaning-teacher photos, and let us know in the comments if your teachers acted the same way, dear Pandas!

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16 Times People Struggled With These Captchas So Much, They Shared It Online

There’s something mildly dispiriting about being asked to identify blurry fire hydrants, distorted crosswalks, virtually unidentifiable parking meters, and bent traffic lights arranged to look nothing like they do in real life. But hey, Captcha, officially known as Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is simply doing its job.

The question remains why proving you’re not a robot causes so much irritation. No wonder people on social media are posting their daily Captcha struggles and finding many like-minded souls who feel like showing a computer you’re human is one heck of a mission.

So, let’s dive into some of the most painfully relatable examples below that prove that if you’re overthinking “select all squares with traffic lights,” you’re defo not the only one.

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