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A Japanese beauty married a pet dog, and said that dogs are more reliable than men! Netizen: Let go of the dog and let me come!

The world is so big. I believe that many people have heard about the strange thing about a girl marrying a male dog in India, but this does not mean that such a thing can only happen in India. There is also a beautiful woman in Japan who was abandoned by her ex-boyfriend. Suffering emotional damage, he became in love with his dog for a long time, and finally got married.

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Norwegian Mom Doesn’t Censor What Motherhood Really Looks Like In Her 30 Illustrations

Being a parent may sound like an adventurous journey most of us would sign up for at some point in our lives, but in reality, the idyll can burst any moment. And Jade Nordahl, a mom of Abel and foster mom of doggy Abbey from Norway, knows it all too well.

So one day, she took a pen and started drawing the humorous moments of her everyday struggles. From baby taking up all her space in bed, to her son eating unidentified berries she strictly forbids him to, Jade’s illustrations are a full-on chuckle fest.

All bloodshot-eyed moms who can’t remember the last time they had a good night’s sleep and dads who enter a meeting only to realize their precious little devil left a blurp on their shirt, this something you can finally relate to.

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Instagram Account “Bros Being Basic” Shows Men Recreating Cliché Photos of Women

If you are an Instagram user, you have most likely seen many cliché photos with girls posing for bathroom selfies, doing yoga poses in random places or flipping their hair in the sea. This hilarious Instagram account shows men spoofing the such photos. It was founded by Atlanta-based blogger Ashley Hesseltine and a group of her male friends back in the 2014, and it’s still going strong with almost 1 million followers.

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