The funniest animal photos of 2019. What’s your favourite?

Although these images are sure to make you giggle, there’s a serious side to the competition. This year, the contest is going the extra mile to protect our species by providing tips on how to be a “conservationist at home.” From shopping responsibly (e.g. avoiding products containing palm oil) to restricting water usage, these ideas can help towards saving endangered animals in the wild. “Our planet is in distress, we all know that, now we just need to know what to do,” say Sullam and Joynson-Hicks. “Hopefully, we can provide a few small tips to get people started.”

The winners will be announced on 13 November 2019. The Overall Winner will be awarded an incredible one-week safari with Alex Walker’s Serian in the Masai Mara, Kenya as well as a unique handmade trophy from the Art Garage in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Source: 40 fun finalists from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


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